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Listing a home can be aa stressful time. So many decisions, agents, and agencies to choose from. RE/MAX Cinco Ranch prides ourselves in having systems in place to make sure the concerns of our sellers are addressed and they are comfortable with all of the decisions made. We meet personally with each seller and have a conversation to create a successful working relationship from the beginning. Our goal is always to uncover your needs and communicate openly about our roles and specific expectations you will receive from us. Your most appropriate price entry point will be researched thoroughly and brought to you in a logical format for your understanding. Our goal is always to get the best price and terms for each and every seller that we represent, and not leave any of your money on the table.


There are so many ways to communicate in this age. It is imporant to discuss with our sellers the best way to communicate, text, calls, email, etc., and the best time to do that on a weekly/bi weekly or client basis depending on your needs. Our goal is to establish communication early on to make sure once an offer comes in we are able to reach you according to your wishes and the potential buyers get responded to quickly making our processes smooth and professional. While listed our agents also want to keep you up to date on feedback from showings, competition prices, market conditions, and all other aspects that may affect your price and home.


As a RE/MAX agency we have access to a worldwide syndication of advertising that exposes our listings to a local, national, and worldwide audience. RE/MAX Cinco Ranch also advertises on a local level as a company, listing your home on various Social Medias. Our agents also are open and available to communicate about Broker open houses and Public open houses to see if this avenue of advertising will be advantageous to your particular home. We use proven and tested ways to get the most exposure to your home possible so the largest pool of buyers can find your home easily.


Staging is a very important strategy to selling your home. If you have ever seen a model home, they are staged as such to peek the buyer's interest as soon as they enter and draw them to offers because they can already see themselves living in the home. Staging can help you to achieve the feel of a model home without spending a lot of money, but with vision to help you achieve the highest net you can by depersonalizing, decluttering, and creating as much space as possible to reach the largest pool of buyers. Sometimes the simplest change can make a huge impact on the price, days on the market, and creating as much space as possible to attract the pargest pool of buyers. Sometimes the siimplest change can make a huge impack on the price, days on the market, and net for you as the seller. We will be honest.


RE/MAX Cinco Ranch will be showing your home once it is listed as well as other Real Estate Companies. Appointments will be made with you for each showing so you know when the potential buyer and agent are coming. We count on our sellers to make sure the home is available to show, presentable, and neat at all times through the listing duration. Your help is needed with this by keeping the lawn well-manicured, bushes trimmed, home clean with dishes done, beds made and ready for the pickiest buyers. Our agents understand this can be challenging with work, children, and living in your home. Keep in mind the more presentable your home is the more money you will achieve at the closing table. We want you to net the most you can with your sale. Our agents will follow up with each showing to get feedback from the showing agent so you know if there is an interest in your home, and if not, why.


As offers come in on your home RE/MAX Cinco Ranch make sure to put your interest above others. We want to make sure we do not leave your money on the table and protect your bottom line in all negotiations. From offer to negotiating repairs, close dates, home warranties, options, etc. Our agents are here looking out for you and your best interest. It is also very important to maintain good communication and relationships with the buyer's agent so we can work together to bring our sellers and buyers together in an environment that communicates professionalism and trust. Doing everything possible to create a win-win situation with all parties.


Once we have a buyer that is qualified and brings us an accepted offer and meets your terms of price, option, home warranty, etc. we walk through all documents that need to be in place for your home and we will open title at a title company. During the time specified on the contract the buyer will have the option of inspections, the title company will be looking at a history of title on your home. The buyer's lender will be processing a loan if financed. Home warranties are ordered. Surveys are conveyed or ordered. Insurance companies are called for new insurance. There are many aspects to selling and we will be there with you through the entire process.


RE/MAX will walk with you through the closing process of selling your home. Here in Texas we typically use title companies to close. The Title Company will create the title commitment showing the history of the home to make sure you have a title that is conveyable and will be clear. The title company will also handle the earnest money in an escrow account that will be disbursed according to the contract at closing. We do our very best to stay in contact with the title company and lender to ensure the buyer is ready to go according to the contract close date and communicate with you during the process to assure a smooth closing with no surprises.


There are RE/MAX offices across the country and have built relationships with our sister companies so we can confidently help our sellers who are moving across country with real estate assistance in their new location. Let us know if you need assistance anywhere in the US and we will be happy to help. RE/MAX Cinco Ranch takes the time to interview agents in other states before handing them to you to make sure that they service the area you are moving to, have the experience you need, and even make sure they are knowledgeable about activities and amenities that are important to you and your family needs. We will miss you in Texas, but want to make sure you're taken care of wherever you go.